#heweb10 - Learning to love the API

TPR / 10:45am / Monday
Gabriel Nagmay. Portland Community College

Google maps
- you can build out basically any type of map you need with kml, XML
- open maps where people can submit locations

- use groups to allow users to submit content that you can use
- using jqueryflickr - pull everything onto your site and photos open in lightbox

- create your own upload form so you can have multiple logins for your YouTube edu channel

Google Analytics
- show stats
- show most visited pages
- top 25 searches
- Prediction - get top searches from 1 year ago +\- a week to predict what your users will be looking for at this time of the school year - set it up once and you’re done

The Future
- oauth makes things safer for the end user, bit more complicated for developing with the API
- YQL … Has a lot of APIs there to build out code for you

Code examples available online: https://gabriel.nagmay.com

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