#heweb10 - Sharing Local Data to Improve University Decision-Making

Sharing Local Data to Improve University Decision-Making
TPR / 9:30 AM / Monday
Kevin Lavelle and Rob Liesland, Xavier University


  • User  - they don’t know what to ask for - where info is, who has it, how we can get it
  • Geek - “you’re stupid … just let me do it”;  we know what data we have, and how WE use it … we may not be thinking about how others might be able to use that data
  • Sharing the data helps the university and makes you (the geek) look good

Analytics Reports

  • User - I manage my own website
  • Geek  - You could be doing a better job
  • What do users want?
  • Scheduled reports
    • Each month - send data based on the previous 3 months: trended traffic (to help them see effectiveness of campaigns, ads — seeing what works, what doesn’t) and top pages (showing them — what matters to them — might not always be what matters to your audience!)

Online Application

  • User - students use our application to apply
  • Geek - we can learn a lot more
  • Communications to submit
    • automated emails to remind incomplete apps to be completed
    • provide data to admissions or students who have completed the majority of the app — so the admissions counselors can follow up and help them complete the app
  • Forecasting for enrollment
  • Stealth applicants
    • 1/3 of Xavier’s students first official interaction with them was when they applied — so they didn’t know anything about the students until that point.

Road to Xavier

  • User - guide admitted students to enrollment
  • Geek - what is there to look at?
  • Stats Report
  • Other tracking apps


  • User - I want active alumni, and I want to know who they are
  • Geek - Don’t make it too difficult
  • User community
  • Giving process
  • Know when to say WHEN


  • User - we advertise
  • Geek - does it work?
  • Campaign URLS - proving what works and what doesn’t — pushing your users towards using more effective methods of communication; helps administrators make decisions about future ad buys;

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