#heweb10 Conference Welcome & orientation

HighEdWeb logo #heweb10 Conference Welcome & orientation5:09 tour of facility after this session; conference staff in red shirts or past conference shirts

5:12 less food this year … 5 meals a day last year was a bit much; breaks will be lighter!!

Name badges - you must have badge for everything (because conference is booked! Over 500 people here!)

5:14 Introducing track chairs
Lori Packer and Steve Lewis - MMP (sessions in this room)
Glen Donaldson and Shelley Keith - APS
Robin Smail and mark greenfield - social media
John Wagner and Jason Woodward- Propeller hats

Jason convincing non techies to attend a propeller track or two… Html5 session tomorrow will be heavy on tech side … Recommends building reputation systems session; giving away propeller hats / come to a session to get a chance to win awesome prizes like hats and monkies!

5:25 - red stapler track tomorrow after lunch — these are presentations that won last year.

This year winning presentations will be done twice on Wednesday morning.

Post conference workshops - you can still register (online or come to registration table)

5:30 please fill out session review forms - very helpful for presenters

Raffle tickets - hold on to them for awesome monkey prizes.

26 poster sessions on Tuesday in the hall of mirrors (love that name!)

Special interest groups - post ideas on board beside registration or on Ning site

5:35 networking!! That’s what this conference is for - meet people who do what you do!! Projects come up - you’ve met someone who might have already done it! Excellent!

At end of conference - pick one thing - that one nugget, great idea - and take that home and do it.

5:38 Twitter backchannel ………… LOL
Dive in - tweet you sessions, your meet ups, etc. Not just used by us but by people who couldn’t come to the conference.

When in sessions - add session tag too (ie #TNT) so we can sort tweets better!

5:42 Doug - everyone introduce yourself to those around you.
Sold out crowd for conference - we sold out the Hilton and half the millennium!!!

Tonight - contemporary arts center - interactive art - we have 7 floors for our group!

Later Tonight in mezzanine - count down new years eve style to 10:10 on 10-10-10.

Tomorrow night… Ride mechanical bull at Cadillac ranch!

Tuesday night - Newport aquarium. Oktoberfest!

Be sure to stop by the vendor sessions- the breaks are all in that room icon smile #heweb10 Conference Welcome & orientation

Let’s go to arts center!!!

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