Making a Status Updates Across the Social Media Universe

Director of Web Marketing introduced this nice tip last week so I definitely want to give him a hat tip! You can read his full post about itPingilactic, you say?, for additional details. If you are into all the social media buzz and want to stay in touch with lots of friends across multiple sites then this a definite easy way to streamline part of that process. Although it won’t handle specific commands for each service.

Multiple places to update my Status, What should I do?

For me I now have a presence on Facebook and still want to communicate through Twitter and now Plurk. Sorry I haven’t gotten into Pownce yet, but I’m sure it’s just as easy to connect that service. is a nice little service that you can connect your accounts on multiple services and you can send an update to it which it then publishes to multiple other services. This is a great way to streamline the process.

Now instead of logging into everytime to make an update, you can connect your GTalk account to and send an instant message to it that is posted to your linked accounts. You can also send updates through AOL Instant Messanger through the pingfm account, logging into your mobile phone to, or for you iPhone addicts out there there is an App for your iPhone.

So there you go, that’s all you need to do is post a message to GTalk and the pingdotfm account and it will update your presences across the social media universe.

The Helix Nebula otherwise known as the Eye of God

Additional Advice

Now I’ve found that I still enjoy Twhirl to communicate through Twitter most of the time and am not giving that up as the functionality provided through it can’t be accomplished through this blast. This means you can’t use @user or any of the commands of Twitter and Seth Meranda reports that the Plurk verb functions encounter the same issues. Desipe this it doesn’t mean this is a useless tool. Think of it as a mass status update not to be abused or that you can easily get direct responses from. I guess it’s more of a news update and not really very social.

Oh and if you need a key because the service is still in private beta then you have to check out Michael’s post to get the key.

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  1. Says:

    This is an interesting read. Have also observed that Twitter is primarily for people….and thats why its for customer savvy corporations who want to listen to the consumer voice. However for ONLINE visibility and marketing its Facebook all the way.


  1. Direct2Dell - Direct2Dell - DELL COMMUNITY --> says:

    [...] longer a matter of emailing or calling, individuals and companies are communicating through images, status updates, blogs, video blogs (Vlogs), podcasts, and discussions [...]