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Facebook Hates Your Brand

Have you ever heard the phrase how you can have too much of a good thing? That’s sort of how I feel about Facebook’s move to add Community Pages. I understand it. It’s not that it doesn’t make some sense. But it feels very much like a case of execution before consideration. They thought it [...]

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Learning SEO From Lady GaGa

Dear God, forgive me my sins, for I must speak the name of the Unholy One.  I mean Lady GaGa.  Let me be very clear on this point: prior to a couple months ago, aside from hearing some passing references to the name, I really had no clue who she was.  Frankly… I’m still not [...]

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Is Hosted Search Really Ready for Prime Time?

In my years that I’ve now spent in higher education, one universal truth I have found is that nothing quite moves a project along like when someone much more important and much less web savvy than you deems an issue worth addressing.  Such was the case only a couple months after I had started at [...]

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